GlowPaintRave is Cleveland’s FIRST Paint Party!  This is a concert-type experience and dance party all in one.

Come party with @GlowPaintGirl and the entire GlowPaintRave Splash Crew!  We will have the area’s best DJs, gallons of neon paint, hundreds of glow sticks, lasers and professional lights!  Want a better idea what our parties are all about, check out some video from past events by CLICKING HERE.

Absolutely!  We take safety and security as our number-one priority at each of our events.  Security and supervision is approached on a multi-faceted approach and is covered by a combination of the following:  Police, our private security firm,  in addition to several additional employees to monitor the activities taking place and ultimately the safety of each of our guests. 

GlowPaintRave is a 16+ event and ID is checked at the door for each guest.  Overall, the event is designed for guests age 16-24 years of age. 

There are many forms of ID we will accept at the door as proof of age for our event.  Some examples including: State ID, Drivers License, Temp Card, school ID, photo copy of birth certificate or passport, or any other identification that can prove age.

Guest are NOT permitted in/out privileges at GlowPaintRave as a part of our security and safety program in place.  Should a guest choose to leave during the event, their wristband will be removed and they will not be permitted back inside for the remaining duration of the event.  All guests are also informed of this policy upon inquiring about exit at the event.

Seeing the event is designed for guests 16 and over, no alcohol is served at the event and all guests go through a security check point before entering to make sure none is brought in as well.  We also have a zero tolerance drug policy under all circumstances.

As long as each ticket has a unique barcode (which they have if they are purchased through our ticket page) the names don’t need to match the user.  (just like with a concert ticket)

Unfortunately, our ticket system does not allow for us to refund tickets (as all event-ticket systems work), however, you have the ability to give – or sell – your tickets to a friend or anyone else you choose.

Even though the tickets hold your name, the can actually be used by anyone as we only check and verify the unique barcodes at the event upon check in. 


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